Personal Insurance


Your home is likely your largest investment, the place where you want to feel safe from nature’s perils; but just when you might least expect it, disaster can strike.


Whether you rent a house or an apartment, you will need to protect your personal property and insure against others’ claims of damage or injury.  Contrary to what some believe, your landlord’s insurance does not offer you that protection.


Even if you don’t live near water, flooding can still cause significant damage to your home and property.  Many people believe this is covered under homeowners but separate insurance is needed to protect against a flood.


Your car, truck, van and/or SUV are essential to your daily life. And, you take time to maintain your vehicles and avoid damage. Of course, accidents do happen and you need to know you are protected from loss. 

 Did you know?

If you own and operate a motor vehicle, you MUST have liability insurance — it’s the law!


When the open road calls, you and your motorcycle are ready to roll.  You will want the security of knowing that you and your ride are protected in the case of damage, accidents and theft.

Did you know?

Your motorcycle is NOT covered under your auto policy. It is a stand alone policy!

Personal Umbrella

What happens if the settlement following an accident far exceeds your insurance coverage?  Although high six-figure awards are uncommon aside from corporate lawsuits, they can and o happen.

Did you know?

Personal catastrophe liability coverage from Kocman Insurance Group can help fill in the gaps!