What do you need to know to get motorcycle insurance in Pennsylvania?

The misconception that motorcycles are merely recreational toys often leads to underestimating their legal requirements, such as insurance coverage. However, it is vital to recognize that motorcycles are subject to the same legalities as cars and must have insurance to be roadworthy. Furthermore, accidents involving motorcycles can cause significant damage to both the vehicle and the rider.

In Pennsylvania, acquiring motorcycle insurance is not only a legal obligation but also provides essential protection. This article explores the necessary information and requirements to secure motorcycle insurance, ensuring proper coverage and peace of mind, whether you ride for commuting or as a leisure activity.

Is motorcycle insurance mandatory in Pennsylvania?

Yes, motorcycle insurance is mandatory in Pennsylvania. Regardless of the type of vehicle you are riding, if you are driving on a public road in the state, you are required to have insurance for your motorcycle. Motorcycle insurance ensures that all drivers have financial protection in case of accidents or damages.

The must-need-to-knows

The highly competitive nature of the motorcycle insurance market serves as evidence that it is crucial to prioritize obtaining insurance coverage for your motorcycle. Numerous insurance providers offer various options, including discounts, coverage options, and liability protection. This abundance of choices requires careful consideration to determine the specific features and benefits you need in your insurance policy.

When shopping for insurance, it’s essential to know the “motorcycle insurance basics” to make an informed decision and select the most suitable insurance for your motorcycle.

Minimum Coverage

Pennsylvania motorcycle insurance covers a minimum liability that amounts to:

  1. One person – bodily injury liability of $15,000.
  2. One accident – bodily injury liability of $30,000.
  3. Property damage liability coverage of $5,000.

So, when your motorcycle insurance agent starts saying “15/30/5 coverage,” they talk about the minimum insurance coverage set by the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania.

However, the minimum coverage may not be sufficient for your needs; you can discuss with your insurance agent and explore better coverage options for you and your motorcycle. It is essential to consider factors such as your riding habits, the value of your motorcycle, and the potential risks involved to determine the appropriate level of coverage to protect yourself and your assets.

Full Tort Laws

A tort is a technical word for civil wrong that results in injury. While a tort claim is a claim for damages. 

Pennsylvania has a distinction between motorcycle and auto insurance regarding the “tort election” status. The State’s motor vehicle insurance law allows drivers to choose between full or limited tort status on their auto insurance policies.

Fortunately, the State automatically grants motorcyclists a full tort status, so they don’t make any choices like car owners. Regardless of the severity of their injuries, motorcyclists have the right to file a tort claim against the negligent driver. If another driver’s fault causes injury to a motorcyclist, the latter can seek compensation for various damages, like medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Underinsured and uninsured

Underinsured and uninsured motorists is an optional motorcycle insurance coverage that’s available to pot-in should you wish to include it. But first, we have to define what underinsured (UIM) and uninsured motorists (UM) are.

In the case of a crash or accident, you might be in a situation where the other party, the negligent driver, carries a minimal insurance policy. In the case of a severe injury or damage, like, for instance, head/brain damage, a negligent driver’s minimum insurance will surely not cover this kind of medical expenses, including recovery. This type of incident is where underinsured motorists (UIM) kicks in, should you opt-in for this coverage. You can claim UIM in addition to claiming the negligent driver.

For the uninsured motorist (UM) coverage, you can claim your insurer based on your motorcycle insurance policy if the negligent driver doesn’t have any applicable insurance coverage or insurance.

Given that, give UIM and UM serious and important consideration when choosing the right insurance coverage for your motorcycle. At this point, you must remember that these types of coverage are options to have and not covered by the minimum state-required coverage. Opting for these selections will help you save thousands of dollars if serious crashes or accidents occur. Although state-required insurance covers hefty medical and repair costs, it may mean something other than it will keep your pocket for more unexpected expenses ahead.

Paying more extra dollars for your policy might go a long way.

Wide insurance coverage options

When selecting and shopping for additional insurance coverage options, you must determine many factors to help you decide which options you want to add to your policy. This could be your motorcycle’s make and model (also, big bike and scooter insurance rates differ), any custom parts, the average distance traveled, or how you use your motorcycle. Based on this information, you can quickly think of the number of options that you want to select for your insurance that you’re going to get.

Below are some of the options that you might think about when choosing for an insurance selection:

Bike Damages

Bike damages are a crucial component of motorcycle insurance coverage, as they protect you financially in case of an accident or breakdown. Whether your bike is damaged in a crash or experiencing a mechanical failure while on the road, making a bike damage claim can help cover repairs or replacement costs.

Custom Parts

If you have customized your motorcycle with unique parts or equipment, you must consider adding a custom parts claim to your motorcycle insurance. This option ensures that your insurer can cover the costs, in a determined amount, associated with any custom additions in the event of damage, loss, or theft.

Roadside Assistance

This option helps you in case of any mechanical breakdown while on the road. Insurance agents will then sell you inclusions, such as 24-hour road assistance, cash reimbursements per breakdown, mechanical breakdown, or battery jumpstart.

It would help if you remembered that other options do not cover motorcycles used off-road, and towing has limited travel miles. This assistance could also affect if you travel cross-state, and your insurer might need to look for a service provider for this coverage. Make sure to discuss this with your motorcycle insurance agent.

Medical Coverage

Medical coverage is an essential consideration for motorcycle insurance. While your existing life or health insurance may provide some coverage for medical expenses in the event of a motorcycle accident, selecting medical coverage in your motorcycle insurance policy can ensure additional protection. It’s crucial to clarify how these coverages work hand in hand with your insurance agent to understand which insurance kicks in first and what expenses each policy covers.

Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

A typical motorcycle insurance agency often discounts customers who have completed safety courses (like the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program ), belong to certain riders or affinity groups, have anti-theft or anti-lock brake systems, or purchase multiple policies. Discounts may also be available to policyholders who pay their premium in full, have a good driving record, or are military personnel. Discussing these options with your motorcycle insurance agent to determine which discounts may apply is recommended. Before checking for motorcycle insurance rates, double-check if any discounts apply.

Have a Wise Decision About Your Motorcycle Insurance

As a motorcycle rider in Pennsylvania, understanding the importance of motorcycle insurance goes beyond legal obligations—it’s about protecting yourself and your bike. Unlike car or auto insurance, motorcycle insurance offers many options and selections tailored to your needs. 

With accidents having the potential to cause substantial damage, securing proper coverage is vital. When considering motorcycle insurance, it’s crucial to consider several factors. Firstly, while the State sets minimum coverage requirements, evaluating whether it provides sufficient protection for your needs is wise. Additionally, Pennsylvania grants motorcyclists full tort status, enabling them to file tort claims against at-fault drivers. Considering coverage options like underinsured and uninsured motorists can save you from unexpected expenses.

At Kocman Insurance Group (KIG), we provide affordable motorcycle insurance with customizable coverage options for bodily injury, property damage liability, medical payments, uninsured/underinsured motorists, comprehensive, and collision. 

KIG allows riders to choose the level of protection they require based on factors such as the value of their motorcycle, riding habits, and personal preferences. By understanding the array of coverage options available and consulting with our insurance agents, motorcyclists can ensure they have the right insurance policy to suit their requirements. KIG leaves no stone unturned to give you the optimum and cheap motorcycle insurance policy while giving you maximum coverage.

Explore the vast array of motorcycle coverage options KIG offers and tailor your policy to suit your requirements. You can ride with peace of mind by making an informed decision and consulting with our agents for affordable motorcycle insurance coverage.

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